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New initiative for CJP: The Cultural Coalition

CJP chose Novel for the concept, online strategie, and PR of their new national campaign to recruit new members. We developed De Culturele Coalitie (‘The Cultural Coalition’): an alliance of cultural organizations, creators, and culture lovers which encourages young people to broaden their horizon in anticipation of the Dutch elections in March. We launched De Culturele Coalitie with performances of poets, singer-songwriters, and the announcement of the first cultural president of the Netherlands: rapper and changemaker Typhoon.


Start Campaign Opera Forward Festival 2017

After the great success of the Opera Forward Festival (OFF) 2016, Novel is again in charge of the festival’s campaign. OFF focuses on the future of opera and offers a stage to new compositions and new creators, this year revolving around themes of power and the lack thereof. On February 23d the campaign will start with a festive prelaunch in Sexyland, the next place-to-be of Amsterdam. .


Novel Corporate Research

To ground our strategy-developments, Novel invests in researching deep trends in society, culture, and economy. Our corporate researcher Collin Gorissen is writing a series on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Looking for a rational basis from which companies can take social responsibility, he considers the added values of CSR, as well as the risks and obstacles. We also investigated FinTechs[] and their impact on the business world.


New brand for CultuurWerkt!

Together with Vruchtvlees and Wend, Novel developed a new brand for Stichting Bedrijfs Cultureel Abonnement (BCA), the leading Dutch platform connecting the business world and the cultural sector. From now on BCA is called CultuurWerkt! (‘CultureWorks!’). With CultuurWerkt!, over 260.000 people per year enjoy culture with exclusive offers throughout the Netherlands. The new name, copy, identity and website fit in with the brand- and communication strategies developed by novel.


Campaign for the 20th Anniversary of the Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund (PCF) selected Novel for a campaign on the positive impact of arts and culture, for their 20th anniversary. We were responsible for concept, strategy, and PR of the campaign, which we opened with a successful event for influencers from the creative industries and the cultural sector. High points were an interview with His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn in NRC Handelsblad, a range of other publications and the delivering of the Prince Claus Awards at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.


Novel and Pakhuis De Zwijger join forces to mobilize millennials

Together with Pakhuis De Zwijger, Novel organises De Macht van de Millennial (‘the Millennial’s power’), on Februaru 21st. Novel-partner Maurice will be speaking to Tim Hofman (De Stembus 2017), rapper Massih Hutak, vlogger Des Balentien, Cemil Yilmaz (jongerenkieswijzer), Casper Sikkema (VICE), and several cultural-political initiatives about the political impact of millennials anno 2017. This program has yet sold out, but can be seen via livestream [].



Team. Since last month Josien Verwoerd, BA (25) supports the Novel-team in corporate communication and content editing. Josien is currently finishing her research masters in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam.

David Engel gave a workshop at Millennial Matters #2, a program about building your own social initiative, at February 9th in Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam.

Maurice Seleky will be moderating De grens over? (‘crossing the border?’), a series of meetings organized by Cultuur+Ondernemen for the Performing Arts Fund. This series of interactive get-togethers will discuss the internationalization of Dutch cultural organizations.

Maarten Bul and Mark de Boorder wrote an article about the return on investment of socially responsible business in larger companies.

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