BCA (Bedrijfs Cultureel Abonnement) is the leading Dutch platform connecting the business world and the cultural sector. BCA gives organizations access to exclusive offers in the field of art, culture and entertainment. This gives employees a great experience, which inspires, opens dialogues, and helps people think differently. Culture also contributes to the mental resilience and happiness of employees. In 2016, the team of BCA has been renewed, which has led to a more focused mission and the will to change the profile of the organization.

Novel will head the development of the new brand identity, the realization of this identity and the development of a new communication strategy. This brand identity will embody the strategic and emotional characteristics of the new BCA. Attention is paid to the three customer groups; employers, employees and cultural institutions. Novel is proud to assist BCA to promote the value of culture for happy and creative employees.

Together with Vruchtvlees and Wend, Novel developed a new brand for BCA: CultuurWerkt! (‘CultureWorks!’). The new name, copy, identity, and website fit in with the brand- and communication strategies we developed, based on positive trends in society. Experiencing culture encourages creative thinking in a work environment, and experiencing it together makes for healthier, more motivated colleagues. With CultuurWerkt!, over 260.000 people per year enjoy culture through exclusive offers throughout the Netherlands. CultuurWerkt! also advises companies about implementing culture and creativity in the work environment. Esther Jousma, director of CultuurWerkt! stated: ‘This new brand suits our ambitions to work together with even more companies and organizations in the Netherlands’.

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