CJP is a platform for culture enhusiasts. CJP loves culture in all its variety and inspires others to do the same. To achieve this CJP selects from the cultural offerings at hand and writes about it in C. Magazine, their newsletters and website. Additionaly, CJP organizes cultural events and collaborates with cultural partners. This ensures that being a member of CJP comes with discounts to (film) festivals, concerts, theaters and museums. Their mission is to make culture accessible to anyone under 30 years, with substantial discounts. Already for more than 50 years.

In November 2016 CJP selected Novel for a new national campaign targeting new members. The campaign starts in February 2017 aiming to recruit approximately 2,000 new members, focussing on students and young professionals. Furthermore, CJP wants to imcrease their visibility in the media and to strenghten its positioning as a marketing organization for youth in the cultural sector. Novel supports CJP on realizing the campaign concept, the online campaign strategy and PR.

Looking for strategy and communication? Get in touch via maurice@novelworks.nl.