The Concertgebouw

The Royal Concertgebouw is among the most important concert halls in the world, owing to its unrivalled acoustics and wide ranging programmes at the highest level. The concert hall has a rich tradition of staging legendary concerts and musical greats. With more than 900 activities (of which 80% are concerts) and over 700,000 visitors to its concerts, educational projects and private events per year, the Concertgebouw belongs to the best visited concert halls globally.

Novel is set to sharpen the concept for the Concertgebouw’s TRACKS programme - a series of concerts performed by promising young musicians that aims to spark a young audience’s interest in classical music. After 7 years, the TRACKS concept needs to be refreshed. Novel will propose a concept that seamlessly speaks to the interests of young adults (25-45 years) in 2016. Novel is mapping the parameters that come into play in order to make TRACKS successful, ranging from concept development of the programme to the marketingmix, and will ensure that the concept has a relevant and appealing story to tell to the target audience.

Novel uses its characteristic approach to help the Concertgebouw find a natural fit between the mission of the institution and the worldview of its target audience. Novel consults the Concertgebouw on the function, brand and communication of TRACKS, creating an intuitive and authentic fit between the two. In June, Novel proposed a refined brand and communication concept focused on recognisability, complete experience, thematic storylines and profiling in new networks focuses for TRACKS' concrete activities as well as the Concertgebouw’s self-identified points of attention.

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