Dutch National Opera

Dutch National Opera creates and performs dramatic musical art, focusing on quality, diversity and innovation. This is expressed by taking a fresh approach to the opera classics, rediscovering repertoire that has seldom been performed and by creating brand new operas. Dutch National Opera is one of the world’s leading opera houses, receiving the global title ‘Opera Company of the Year’ for 2016.

Novel headed the Opera Forward Festival campaign in 2016 and created the long term brand and campaign strategy. At the initiative of the artistic director Pierre Audi, Dutch National Opera launched the new festival Opera Forward in 2016 to mark its 50th anniversary. With Opera Forward, Dutch National Opera explores the future of opera together with a new generation of culture lovers. In 2017, Dutch National Opera decided to collaborate with Novel again for the campaing, PR, and programming of OFF 2017. The festival consists of six operas, out of which three are world premieres, a lively and extensive fringe programme, including a participatory project with leading art-education institutions. Where the programme of OFF 2016 was brought together around the theme of the soul, OFF 2017 is about power and impotence.

Novel developed a sustainable strategy and identity for the festival and the communication of the first edition in 2016. Novel was responsible for the campaign of the first edition in collaboration with Dutch National Opera, advised on the programming and implemented art direction and city dressing. Novel formulated a collaborative approach based on a vision of opera as a prismatic art form, and therefore appealing to a broad audience of art lovers. For the Opera Forward campaign, Novel collaborated with design agency Lesley Moore, photography duo Petrovsky & Ramone and visual artist Florian Mauersberger. After the success of OFF 2016, Novel was made responsible for the campaign of OFF 2017 as well.

The festival connected an impressive range of partners, including FOAM, La Bolleur, The Rest is Noise and Fiber, and attracted 18,000 visitors, 29% of whom were new to Dutch National Opera. The success of the networked campaign led to its nomination for the Cross Media Case of the Year, 2016.

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Opera Forward Festival
Dutch National Opera

Graphic design: Lesley Moore
Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone
Animation: Florian Mauersberger