De Nieuwe Kerk

De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam is known for its remarkable exhibitions, receiving several hundreds of thousands of visitors each year - making it one of the most popular exhibition venues in the Netherlands. The church is known throughout the country as the location for the crowning of the Head of State and the 4th of May memorial.

In the autumn 2015, Novel was invited by De Nieuwe Kerk to develop a progressive concept for the winter exhibition of 2016. Based on a new ‘value based’ approach, Novel defined the core values of the new exhibition, linked these values to major societal trends, and developed a narrative structure and subsequently a visual concept.

Early in 2016, it was decided to take the innovative and contemporary concept as a starting point for the winter exhibition of 2017. The final exhibition concept is currently being developed. Novel is part of the concepting team of De Nieuwe Kerk and provided additional research on current trends relevant to the exhibition topic.

De Nieuwe Kerk

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Spatial design: Donna van Milligen Bielke