EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage, is dedicated to developing a vigorous film culture in the Netherlands. From its monumental contemporary venue, EYE aims to foster a viable film industry in the Netherlands and to promote Dutch film at home and abroad.

Novel was approached to do extensive research and consult EYE on strategy for activities and communications, in order to establish a sustainable connection with youngsters between 18 and 30 years.

This research laid the foundation for the financing and creation of the cultural connector EXPOSED. EXPOSED is a yearly team of six (semi-)volunteers under guidance of one EYE employee. They form the editorial board for a continuous media presence and organise events around the main exhibitions each quarter. EXPOSED brings new context to EYE's programmes, connecting it to other artistic disciplines and trends among the target audience, thus opening up its products to a hard-to-reach audience.

Looking for strategy and communication? Get in touch at maurice@novelworks.nl.