First of August

First of August (FoA) is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand known for the sophisticated simplicity of its collections. Working with unique fabrics and an artisanal production process, each piece creates an aura of timeless style beloved by fashionista's and intellectuals alike. FoA has a personal and poetic approach to the fashion process, evolving without restriction to time and space. The result is fashion with unique depth and edge.

Its founder Karlijn Boersma draws on her background as a cultural sociologist to design clothing that foregrounds someone’s identity and creativity in stead of defining it. Her venture started as a blog and developed into a fashion label with an online store and a strong community, supporting a platform that connects young intellectuals to fashion, culture and social trends.

FoA has a unique perspective on and innovative approach to fashion. Ready to expand its production and distribution, Novel was approached to formulate a new strategy taking the ambitions and values of the brand as a starting point. Novel established goals for FoA in direct discussion with the founders of the label. This led to a thorough analysis of identity and operations. The analysis tackled the brand and its operational management and reduced these to a few elements, which formed the building blocks for the strategy that will guide the communication and operation at FoA.

Novel delivered an integrated strategy for communication, organisation and sales dimensions of the enterprise for efficient and scalable business based on a set of core values. With regular sessions, this strategy will be implemented over the coming year.

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First of August