Mama Louise

Mama Louise is a social enterprise focused on strengthening neighbourhoods by supporting local knowledges and connecting inhabitant’s ambitions and potential. By tapping into new networks and bringing in creative value, Mama Louise gives a face to hidden entrepreneurism.

Novel consults Mama Louise on the development and strategy of Pekmarkt, a new daymarket in up-and coming Amsterdam Noord they created with Sien concepts at the invitation of the city district.

Pekmarkt combines the traditional, but declining goods market with the popular modern food and festival market. This innovative combination is supposed to give a significant boost to the up & coming Amsterdam Noord, bringing together the traditional working-class inhabitants of Noord with new a crowd of local craftsmen, young city dwellers and tourists.

The Pekmarkt organization has been significantly streamlined, with Novel establishing clear lines of communications and sharp financial projections that allow the partners to implement an agile growth strategy.

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Mama Louise