Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam - SSBA Salon

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is the foremost theatre of the Netherlands, boasting the internationally renowned Toneelgroep Amsterdam as its resident company. It stages major Dutch theatre productions, as well as emerging talents and international ensembles. Beyond theatre, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam has an extended programme incorporating science, journalism, visual art, film, popular culture, new media and politics, hosting numerous national and international festivals.

Novel initiated and now operates ‘SSBA Salon’, a cultural connector with its own space in the city theatre, programming and online magazine. This intermediary connects the young creative class of Amsterdam to the theatre, leading the way in extending its role as a vibrant and contemporary house of culture in the heart of the city. The strategy and identity for SSBA Salon answer the challenge of reaching a youthful, culturally engaged audience and enlivening the centrally located, monumental venue.

The organisation is co-operated by a small team of highly motivated members of the target audience. This makes communication more relevant, and the cost for content and distribution significantly lower than through traditional advertising and marketing strategies. This is possible because of the tremendous added value for the target audience that shares the positive mission of SSBA Salon.

SSBA Salon organises over 70 diverse cultural events annually with a host of Amsterdam based cultural partners. Online, SSBA Salon offers a cultural magazine and agenda focussing on art and cultural life in the city, paving the way for many similar magazines since. It presents over 150 quality articles a year, written by more than 30 talented peers.

The number of young visitors (18-35 years) to the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam was doubled between 2012 and 2014. The Stadsschouwburg as a brand and venue in the city is perceived to be significantly more open and energetic. Best yet, SSBA Salon has become a self-organised strategic business unit with a strong entrepreneurial character. As of 2014 it covers more than 40% of its costs, with own income. This is achieved by coupling peer production with a lean and agile organisational model.

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Project managers: Laura Iqbal, Alexander van der Weide & Pieter Willems
Graphic designer: Markus Lange
Identity by: Studio Adriaan Mellegers
Frontend web developer: Jim Haakman
Backend web developer: Jean Jacques Warmerdam
Team Salon Spring 2017: Esther Smeenk, Tessa Bouwmeester & Errol Boon