Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam - Zomertuin

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is the most prominent theatre of the Netherlands, boasting the internationally renowned Toneelgroep Amsterdam as its resident company. The theatre offers a stage to major theatre productions, and to young artists and enfants terribles as well. Beyond theatre, Stadsschouwburg provides a rich cultural programme around science, journalism, visual arts, film, popular culture, new media and politics, as it hosts various national and international festivals.

For Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Novel developed the first pop-up park of Amsterdam: ‘Zomertuin’ (Summergarden). During the summer of 2015, together with café-restaurant Stanislavski, we transformed the famous “Ajax-terrace” into a city park. Apart from its distinctive location, the park stood out for its cultural programming on weekends: these were provided by SSBA Salon, the cultural connector developed by Novel to engage the young creative class of Amsterdam with the Stadsschouwburg. The Zomertuin concept adds to the positioning of Stadsschouwburg as the cultural hotspot of the city.

Zomertuin turned out a successful initiative for Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. Over a period of two months, over 5.000 people visited the 32 events that were organized. The well-attended events varied from performances of DJs and singer-songwriters to exhibitions, yoga-sessions, and movie nights. Connecting to the interests of the target group helped turn the Zomertuin from an oasis into an energetic meeting place in the heart of Amsterdam. It resulted in 15 partnerships, among which Coca Cola, Brand, Vunzige Deuntjes, ETQ Amsterdam and POP CTRL. FunX broadcasted a radio-interview on the topic, and Zomertuin featured in 24 publications in various media outlets, such as Metro, Vogue, Elle, Jan, Esquire, Your Little Black Book and

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